The Deep Sea Fishers Limited (DSFL) is a Bangladeshi deep-sea fishing and export company, incorporated in 1980. The company is one of the pioneers in deep sea fishing in Bangladesh. It has a fleet of modern industrial vessels for both Finfish and Shrimp catch at Bay of Bengal.  DSFL vessels are outfitted with advanced equipment and facilities to ensure the freshness of seafood products and be HACCP compliant.

To preserve vessels and products, the organization also has a dockyard, cool storage, and water treatment plant facilities. These facilities allow the company a leading edge in the market for producing safe and high-quality products and a competitive lead – in – price. Besides local sales, DSFL exports shrimp and finfish in the global market.





We steadfastly provide seafood as a source of protein throughout the country and across borders.


  • Provide safe and premium quality seafood to the customers.
  • We seek and apply the latest innovations and technologies to produce premium-quality seafood.
  • Generate employment and develop skilled human resources to ensure sustainable production.

Our Core Values

As one of Bangladesh's largest fishing and export firms, our priority is to supply the premium quality seafood to all our customers.

Our success depends on integrity with our customers, business partners, and team members.

To assure top quality, we consistently strive to apply the newest technologies.

We are a result-oriented firm with an ethical code of conduct and a high performing team.