Deep Sea Fishers Ltd has maintained a cold chain since its inception in the fishing industry. DSFL built two cold storages with five chambers for storing frozen seafood from fishing vessels and processing areas. According to FDA and EU guidelines, DSFL kept the product’s recommended core temperature between 180c and 220c. To avoid temperature abuse, DSFL installed a data logger inside the cold rooms and maintained a record book regularly. 

It keeps ready-to-cook processed shrimp and fish in separate chambers to prevent cross-contamination. Both the cold storage has sufficient areas of Ante room for packaging, quality monitoring, metal detection, loading and unloading.

With rising demand, DSFL opened a new company, SEAMUMS cold storage Limited, with a facility capable of processing and storing 350 tons of seafood. All the facilities have been operating and maintaining national and international compliance like FIQC regulations, HACCP, and EU standards on frozen fish storage.