Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

To comply with the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and WHO guideline on production and use of safe drinking water in fish processing factory, DSFL has installed a six steps Reverse Osmosis Plant at Isanagar, Chattogram.

This WTP produces potable water in compliance with Sanitary Standard Operation Procedure (SSOP) under Sanitation Control Procedure (SCP) of FDA.  All the metal equipment of this WTP is food graded stainless steel, and the RO membrane is made in the USA.

DSFL follows six steps treatment procedure:

  1. Pass the raw water through iron removal filter.
  2. Dual Media Filter.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter.
  4. Cartridge filter
  5. Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  6. UV filter (step six).


The capacity of this plant is to produce 4m3/hour Potable Water. We have strictly maintained bio-security measures to avoid cross contamination from production to transport in each step. This RO water sends to the fishing vessels through clean food graded pipe and store it into a cleaned and sanitized fiber tank at the vessel. This water is being used to clean and washing shrimps/ fish and persons. Clean Sea water is being used to clean shrimps/fish and utensil. To make the fish/shrimp block, we use potable water which we transfer to the vessels through clean and sanitized food graded plastic Jar.

We maintain stringent SOP and do water test in every after three months. All the premises are clean and sanitized accordingly. All the water storage is cleaned and sanitized every six months.

This procedure helps us to produce and supply safe and premium quality fisheries products onboard at sea.